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Who is liable?

Can I get a settlement without having to go to court?

Can you help with difficult or unresponsive insurance adjusters?

Can you help with locate doctors and help with medical bills?

Can you help with wage loss?

Can I get money for pain and suffering and aggravation?

What if I didn’t report or notice my injuries right away or haven’t seen a doctor yet?

What if I don’t have insurance?

What if my employer doesn’t have insurance?

What if my employer refuses to report the claim?

What if I have pre-existing conditions?

What if I can no longer perform my job?

Is re-training available?

Am I being paid the right amount?

Can they fire me?

Can they cancel my health insurance or other benefits?

Are medical benefits available the rest of my life?

Can I apply for Social Security – will it affect my claim?

Is the insurance company allowed to pick the doctors?

What are impairment ratings?

How long do I have before time runs out?

Are medical benefits available for the rest of my life?

What if I haven’t seen a doctor in a long time?

Do I have to sign forms and/or releases?

Do I have to give a statement?

Will I be reimbursed for mileage?

What if I didn’t own the vehicle?

What if I was on the job at the time?

Will you help to get my car fixed or money for my car?

Can I get a rental car?

What if I don’t know what caused the accident?

What if I was only part at fault for an accident?

What if I got the ticket but the other side was also at fault?

Can I move? Or do I have to stay here?

Will they be following me?

Can I get a second opinion?

Can I cash the check the insurance company sent me?

What if the other driver was on a cellphone, drunk, on drugs or not paying attention?

How do you get paid?

Can I Change Lawyers?